Welcome to the SJCX to STORJ Converter

This web application is specifically for converting SJCX to STORJ. The STORJ tokens purchased during the token sale do not need to be converted.
In order to receive STORJ, you must provide a valid ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet address. Failure to provide a valid wallet address may result in permanent loss of STORJ.

See Storj token conversion guide for the list of compatible wallets.

Unless you hold the private keys yourself, the wallet address cannot be an exchange address. If you provide us with an exchange address and you do not hold the private keys, we cannot guarantee that your SJCX will be converted, and we cannot help you retrieve it.

By using this converter, you acknowledge that you understand that you must use a valid ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet address and failure to do so may result in permanet loss of your tokens.

SJCX to STORJ Converter

1/2: Submit information for receiving the converted tokens

This is your Ethereum address where the tokens will be deposited. Please make sure this is an ERC20 compatible wallet where you control the private key(s).